Every child deserves to be seen, heard, and celebrated.

We help neurodivergent children and their parents form deeper connections and expand their world.

About Creative Therapy Solution

We are an applied behavior analysis practice specializing in teaching self-determination skills to neurodivergent children and educating parents on how best to support their children.

Our focus is not on what a person can or can’t do, but is instead on helping children discover their own abilities and expand their world. Growth – which looks different for everyone – is the ultimate goal.

Our Services

Everything we do from assessment to treatment to follow ups is backed by research and driven by our commitment to create a more inclusive world, embrace all abilities, focus on an individual’s unique progress, and to do it all with joy and laughter.

We offer THREE individualized service models to meet the unique needs and values of each person.

Creative Crew

Our crew is made up of Registered Behavior Technicians, who have previous experience working with neurodiverse clients. Just like we ask children and parents to do, each team member models a growth mindset and passion for learning.

Our Values

These values are the heart of what we do and who we are as a team. They help us reach our goal of supporting children to see and expand their own abilities.


Respect everyone’s voice as we work toward a shared future.


Important things are hard; hard things are important


Show up, Lean in, Own it


Bring joy to what you do everyday.

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Your child deserves an education tailored to their abilities.