About Us
We believe every person deserves to be seen regardless of their abilities and disabilities. Creative Therapy Solution is an applied behavior analysis practice.  We teach self-determination skills to children with disabilities and their parents.  Using evidence-based assessments and treatment like Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and PEAK Relation Training System based on Relational Frame Theory (RFT) and the philosophy of Functional Contextualism (FC).  Children are more confident and assimilated and parents have a more connected and peaceful relationship with their children.
We currenlty accept Blue Cross Blue Shield  Insurance.  We also offer private pay options.  

We Create Solutions 

Working together. Finding Solutions.

    We work with families to create individualized programs to meet their child and family’s needs.     
  1. Applied Behavior Analysis
    ABA is a scientific approach to evaluating and changing behavior. It focuses on the individual and improving behaviors of social significance to a meaningful degree. ABA has been used to help individuals acquire many different skills, such as language skills, self-help skills, and play/social skills. ABA can also help to decrease maladaptive behaviors such as aggression, self-stimulatory behaviors, and self-injury.
  2. Benefits Of ABA Therapy
    Areas of growth * Communication Skills * Functional Living Skills * Language Skills * Reading Comprehension * Gross and Fine Motor Skills * Social Skills * Positive Peer Interactions
  3. Services
    * Functional Behavior Assessments * Behavior Intervention Plans * Early Intensive Behavioral Treatment * Social Skills Training * Direct 1:1 ABA Therapy * IEP Review and Development * Parent Training and Consultation
Creative Therapy's Mission   

    To remove barriers to inclusion and opportunity for people who are different.